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Manicure Instruments Index

Manicure Instruments produced at l are recognized as the Quality Manicure & Beauty Care Instruments throughout the World. Our Manicure Supplies range from Special Instruments to daily use Manicure Scissors and Tweezers. we are also manufacturing the item not listed in our web site on the specific demand of our Valued Customers on Drawings or Samples.


Manicure Supplies



Fancy Scissors

Fancy  Scissors
Embroidery Scissors 3.5"  More...

Manicure Instruments, Arrow Point & Probe Scissors

Arrow Point & Probe Scissors
Probe Scissors, More...

Nail Nippers

Nail Nipper
Nail Cutter,
Single Spring,

Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle Nail Nipper
Double Spring,  available in different sizes.

Manicure Instruments, Nail Pushers

Nail Pushers
Cuticle Nail Pushers available with different ends.

Manicure Instruments, Barber Scissors

Barber Scissors
Barber Scissors,  Available in different sizes & Colors.

Barber Thinning Scissors

Thinning Scissors
Convex Edge, Razor Blade,  More...

Nail Nippers

Cuticle Nail Scissors
Cuticle Nail Scissors

House Hold Scissors

House Hold Scissors
Tailor Scissors, available in different sizes. More...


Plastic Handle Scissors

Plastic Handle Scissors
Plastic Handle School Scissors  More...

Hand Tools
Pliers  in different colors.


Barber Razors

Barber Razors
Barber Razor, available in different colors. More...


Tip Cutters

Manicure Tip Cutters
Corner Cutter,  More...

Manicure Razor Scissor
Titanium Coated  More...

Manicure Tweezers
Puckers Tweezers  in different colors. More...


Manicure kits
Blister, Boxes PacZIng 

Manicure Kits

Manicure kits
Manicure ZIts

Manicure Accessories
Scissors Rings, Screw


We Ship Our Manicure and Pedicure Supplies not only in loose pacZIng, but also in specially designed blister pacZIng/ Custom Made Boxes and in the form of Manicure Sets and Manicure kits.


Surgical Instruments

Manicure Instruments

Dental Instruments

Various Types of Surgical Instruments, Scissors, Retractors, Forceps, Needle Holders and

Various Types of Manicure, Pedicure Instruments, Gold Plated, Nail Nippers, Scissors, Tweezers and More...

Various types of Dental Instruments, Filling Instruments, Extracting Forceps, Tweezers and


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