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Manufacturers & Exporters of Prime Quality  Surgical, Dental Instruments, Manicure+Pedicure Instruments &  Scissors of all sorts.    

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IRUMED INDUSTRIES is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of surgical, dental, manicure, and all kinds of scissors . We have been exporting the high quality instruments to our customers in Europe, America and Africa for over 30 years with their entire satisfaction in terms of quality, which perfectly meet the highest international standards.

We are backed by the history of over three decades and are fully equipped with the most modern machinery. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and modern technology helps us to produce all the products at very affordable prices.

Harding, tempering, planting plants having adequate testing facilities by the highly skilled and most experienced craftsmen/technicians, is production unrivaled quality an unconditional GUARANTEE


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 Commercial Area Daska Road Sialkot,

Telephone Number: 0092-3026122436
Fax Number: 0092-523-
E - Mail: info@iru-med.com
Web: www.iru-med.com


  • Honest to Fair Business & Commitments.
  • To Keep Vigilant Eye on Producing High Quality Instruments.
  • To Benefit The Buyer with our Moderates Prices.
  • To Give Deliveries Sharply as Promised.
  • Customer satisfaction has been our prime desire.
  • Also the hallmark of our organization 

Thanks for your time and interest in IRUMED INDUSTRIES We will continue to do the best we can for the years to come.

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